A Friend Who’ve Been Wanting to Sleepover in My House

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The Eastchester-Dyre Avenue subway station, in...

The Eastchester-Dyre Avenue subway station, in 2006. Originally taken by David Holland, and allowed usage (of all photos) under attribution in advance. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I recall the number 5 or 4 train of the MTA system here in NYC being mentioned in a most recent dream. I also recall a friend whom I’ve not seen for some time now. And he has been calling me on the phone and trying to fix a schedule with me so that he can sleep over in the place where I live here in Staten Island. I was not actually against the idea, as long as he would not mind being in a bedroom that is filled with books nearly up to the ceiling. And I was amused by him having to call me quite suddenly. as if there’s something urgent happening that I had to be involved with right away.

Upon waking up, I thought this could be a death premonition. I recall the number ‘4’ is a symbol death, although it was just mentioned in passing as in my friend was asking me about the last stop of the 4 train (which is Woodlawn on Jerome Avenue in the Bronx). Or if it was the 5 he was referring to, it would be Eastchester-Dyre Avenue also in the Bronx). The word ‘Dyre’ sound like ‘die’ when pronounced. And what else came into my mind is that my friend may probably soon pass on. Do I have to call him and have a chat with him? I’ve no major issues with him; I just prefer not being turned into a doormat every time I meet up with him. And I didn’t want to feel like I’m living in an undesirable place, which I feel every time I hear him mention Staten Island. He’d imply this place as being the trash depot of NYC, which certainly it was for so many years, but which specific place has been gradually turned into a greenery where an emerging park (Fresh Kills Park) 3 times larger than Central Park now stands. And that landfill was also used by so many workers to sort out and identify the collected remains of those who perished from the Twin Towers in 9/11; a nearby spot can be visited where the rest have been buried (with un-identifiable human remains).

By the way, this friend also appears in my first book, Angels In Disguise (with its blog link here), but I don’t remember telling him about it. His name was not directly mentioned at all in the pages; he would know right away that it’s him that I was talking about when he gets to read the book. Probably, my dream about him could be more related to this fact. I have to contact him so I can tell him about the book one of these days.


Being With a Black Bird in a Recent Dream; I Wonder What’s the Meaning?

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Last night, I recall having been in a dream that I felt like I was in a 30s-horror movie. I recall having with me a black bird, which was very smart and has a long beak, and it  was so actively engaged in whatever that’s happening around it. The bird looked so curiously active. And the bird was not that friendly to me. I took it in both hands and we went to a house that’s dark but with some blue lights on. And I tried to keep the bird in an improvised caged but the bird won’t agree to it, such that it would keep on trying to come out free from the improvised cage. And the bird would get so mad at me, but I would just keep on putting it back to its improvised cage.

And the dream would continue and I would learn that the house was haunted. That somebody was murdered there, which somehow scared me but I still kept on keeping the bird in the cage. And I don’t recall anymore details…Image


Sayings on Dreams! (from many sources) VII

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Dreams are necessary to life. ~ Anais Nin

I remember reading one of Anais Nin’s books when I was still a teenager, but I could not remember which one for sure (it could probably be ‘Delta of Venus‘ but I have to get a copy again to verify this). And I

Portrait of Anais Nin taken in NYC in 70s by E...

know for sure it was a translation. I remember reading it on the sly as I sensed there was something forbidden by authorities I recognized then that made me feel that way. I remember her narratives to be dreamy-like in the wordings, in the many lines that flowed through out the book. Now I see she’s one of the female authors who exemplify best the traits we usually see in what’s considered as the ‘feminine archetype’ (check Carl Jung‘s theories on this). And  I agree; we need dreams in order to fully function and very well as human-like as we could be in our daily lives, given distractions in many forms coming our way. Dreams make certain bad realities in life become and look better.

Appearing as already dead in someone’s dreams

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I’ve heard with some unexpressed surprise briefly mentioned stories meant to update ourselves on the details of seeing me already as a dead person in their dreams. One recent dream that was narrated to me involved seeing me in the arms of a very good friend who just kept on crying in his dream, as if he couldn’t be appeased of his grief. All the while, 2 other good friends were around being so sorry and crying, too. But one of them is already dead (he’s the one who was murdered in his apartment in Quezon City, Philippines, days before Thanksgiving Day in 2010 here in the US from where I got the terribly upsetting news).  Why would a dead person appear alive in other people’s dream, I won’t know for sure. I’ve seen my Father many times still being alive in my dreams after he died — and I get a powerful sense that his presence is still very much around, despite the change in form (‘only in dreams do these dead people come alive’).

Months ago, there was also this dream told me by the same person who’s really that close to me whereby he saw me being already dead one nightmarish evening. He said he saw me being so sick and struggling with my life in this different hemisphere of the globe. The time gap between him and myself is 12 hours, and I can just imagine he must be seeing me very much dead in his dreams in the evening while I’m fully

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up and awake doing my chores here in NYC.

I can only wonder what these dreams stand for. They’re symbols for certain events that may soon take place. And I’ll have to continue finding better ways to discover what they stand for.

Gilad Sharon’s Dream On His Father, Ariel Sharon

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I’ve just read today’s article from the New York Times on Gilad Sharon’s dream on Ariel Sharon, Israel‘s former Prime Minister who had a ‘debilitating stroke’ while in power in early 2006. The article writer wrote that Mr Sharon’s family was urged to let the former Primer Minister die after the stroke, but his family didn’t agree to the idea. Gilad, one of the two sons of Mr Sharon from his second marriage, had a dream, which was described in the book he wrote about his father.

“I told them about a dream I had had many years ago,” he (Gilad) recounts in the book “Sharon: The Life of a Leader,” speaking of his discussions with the medical staff of Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem. “In that dream I was with my father in the hospital. He was lying in bed, surrounded by medical staff, and they had all either given up or lost hope and were about to leave, and my father didn’t say a thing, but he stared at me with this look, with those green-gray eyes of his, and I knew I would never give up, and that I simply would not leave him. This was a dream I had when my father was healthy and strong and the scenario was completely divorced from reality. I did not tell a soul about the dream at the time, but now I shared it with them and my fear that it was happening now and that I would never be able to forgive myself if we did not fight to the end. “

Based on this anecdote, would you have taken the same stance if you find yourself in a similar situation? It’s fairly easy to ignore dreams that you would rather forget especially if it involves someone you know or someone close to you. Would you have considered a similar dream as a sign of something untoward that may happen to someone you know and love? We will never really know. But we’re certain that dreams have critical function in our daily lives, hence we can’t help but to pay close attention to the details of our dreams…

Sayings on Dreams! VI

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Carte de Visite of Edgar Allan Poe

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“Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.” — Edgar Allan Poe

Does this mean that those who have a common sense approach to dreaming (who I believe represent those who have their dreams within the range of their vision during daytime) would usually take careful steps to turn their dreams into something more materially substantial and can be held and experienced by the senses? And that those who merely get into dreaming when sleeping in the evening are some sort of a disadvantaged lot, to some extent, i.e., because they don’t take action on what they’ve dreamt when asleep in the evening? Sounds complicated, it seems. And I’ve my own misgivings on this but I like to see my dreams turning into something very real before my eyes—and some of these dreams have actually been realized in the passing of time.  It’s important to possess some faith in the value of dreams in every day life, so they’ll have better chances of becoming real.

Sayings on Dreams! V

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Social science

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All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.
– Thomas E. Lawrence

Sayings on Dreams! IV

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“Last night I dreamed that I was dreaming. And that I was recording my dream, somehow. And after the dream in the dream was over, I dreamed that I posted it on Facebook. True story.” JOE JERVIS

Why Do We Dream?

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Dreams, certainly, have specific but generally unclear purposes in our lives; we experience them for certain reasons. I studied in one of my undergraduate Psychology subjects that it is during this so-called rapid eye movement (REM) that we are engaged in dreaming. REM is also a sign that we’re in deep slumber. But when we wake up, we forget most of our dreams. I have dreams every time I sleep most nights (I seldom sleep in the afternoon nor take naps); I tend to remember some details but most often I fail to even recall the most critical details to make sense out of the dream (or even to share stories in this blog). But I remember that particular feeling that I had a dream last night, and I’m not even delusional about it. And writers continue to provide answers to this common human experience of dreaming. We continue to read about dreams being used as effective tools in stories. I keep reading dream sequences in fiction books, e.g., Jonathan Franzen‘s ‘The Corrections‘ and Susan Rebecca White‘s ‘A Soft Place to Land,’ to name at least 2 for now. And I see awesome depictions of dreams in certain artworks that I’ve seen from important art galleries like the MOMA and the Metropolitan Museum of Art (I particularly remember this painting that depicts St. Joan of Arc having a dream-like session with an angel that has been paying her a visit).

And by the way, at least 20 articles are found here from Helium.com to provide answers to the question above.

Sayings on Dreams! III

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I learned this, at least, by my experiment: that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.

— Henry David Thoreau
From Walden: Or, Life in the Woods
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