Getting Visited By A Murdered Friend

I just want to share this out here before I totally forget most the details. Last night my murdered friend from high school showed up (after a long time that I have nto seen him in my dreams) with some other friends from my former long term employer back in the Philippines.

It’s some sort of an office once a week get together.  Oddly, every one that matter were there, jumbled together with some people I have known from other circumstances.  But I felt happy seeing most of them,  at least in that dream setting.

Meinard was giving me instructions to take care of my left foot, which foot I have been experiencing some pains lately. He knew about it. Who knows why he showed up to tell me his thoughts about my painful foot. Perhaps I have to pay attention to this case, as well as to the significance of seeing my painful foot in my dream (last night).

Thank you friend,  I have been missing you really.


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