Having Bangungot (Bad Dream) In A Hotel in Ocean City, Maryland

I just got back from the regional convention of Market America / shop.com where I have partnered with for some time now, and we were in Ocean City, Maryland with so many of my partners and their guests. I shared a room with Ed and Mel during this trip, and our room faces the main road of the island that is connected with several bridges to mainland Maryland. The first night, I woke up at around 4am and saw a guy who’s wearing a white t-shirt and who was walking towards the bed next to the window and where Ed, who is a very strong snorer, was sleeping. “He must have gone back from the bathroom and now on his way back to bed,” I told myself while lying on that bed that I was sharing with Mel, and our bed is closer to the bathroom. I didn’t bother to get up right away and decided to go back to sleep as I told myself “Oh, the fourth guy arrived last night as what Mel told me.” And soon we were up in an hour or so to prepare for the long day ahead of us that Saturday.

I would ask my roommates who was the guy I saw earlier, and I would realized that there was no fourth guy who showed up last night. I didn’t really bother to ask for more details as I didn’t want to scare my roommates and didn’t want to create some unnecessary confusion. We all went about doing all the activities we’ve set up for the day with our partners and guests.

The next evening, I had a very bad dream. I heard my brother, Bikong (Angelito, Jr), calling for help. I would see myself in the bad dream looking into a hole on the wall where the stairs leading to the second floor apartment have been placed. I could figure out that my brother’s voice was coming from that hole. I would recall seeing the place where our family used to live in Sibuyan Street in Santa Mesa Heights in Quezon City in the Philippines at least 30 years ago. I would hear myself asking help from my Mother whom I’ve not seen for over 8 years now. Then I was shaken from my bad dream by Mel. He told me I was talking in my sleep but by then, it was already past 5am. I soon got up to head off to the bathroom to pee and I soon went down to settle the bill. In the elevator, I would recall some details of the dream. I could sense something ghostly in the elevator where I was alone as I was going down to go to the ground floor for the front desk.

I’m wondering now if something very grim happened some time ago in that hotel.






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