Being With a Black Bird in a Recent Dream; I Wonder What’s the Meaning?

Last night, I recall having been in a dream that I felt like I was in a 30s-horror movie. I recall having with me a black bird, which was very smart and has a long beak, and it  was so actively engaged in whatever that’s happening around it. The bird looked so curiously active. And the bird was not that friendly to me. I took it in both hands and we went to a house that’s dark but with some blue lights on. And I tried to keep the bird in an improvised caged but the bird won’t agree to it, such that it would keep on trying to come out free from the improvised cage. And the bird would get so mad at me, but I would just keep on putting it back to its improvised cage.

And the dream would continue and I would learn that the house was haunted. That somebody was murdered there, which somehow scared me but I still kept on keeping the bird in the cage. And I don’t recall anymore details…Image



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