Why Do We Dream?

WLA moma Henri Rousseau The Dream 3

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Dreams, certainly, have specific but generally unclear purposes in our lives; we experience them for certain reasons. I studied in one of my undergraduate Psychology subjects that it is during this so-called rapid eye movement (REM) that we are engaged in dreaming. REM is also a sign that we’re in deep slumber. But when we wake up, we forget most of our dreams. I have dreams every time I sleep most nights (I seldom sleep in the afternoon nor take naps); I tend to remember some details but most often I fail to even recall the most critical details to make sense out of the dream (or even to share stories in this blog). But I remember that particular feeling that I had a dream last night, and I’m not even delusional about it. And writers continue to provide answers to this common human experience of dreaming. We continue to read about dreams being used as effective tools in stories. I keep reading dream sequences in fiction books, e.g., Jonathan Franzen‘s ‘The Corrections‘ and Susan Rebecca White‘s ‘A Soft Place to Land,’ to name at least 2 for now. And I see awesome depictions of dreams in certain artworks that I’ve seen from important art galleries like the MOMA and the Metropolitan Museum of Art (I particularly remember this painting that depicts St. Joan of Arc having a dream-like session with an angel that has been paying her a visit).

And by the way, at least 20 articles are found here from Helium.com to provide answers to the question above.


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