Seeing 2 Dogs Getting Killed in My Dream Last Night!

Killing AUST

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I came into scene in my sleep last night where there were others just standing by and watching the proceedings on the killing of 2 huge, hairy but sickly looking dogs. I don’t remember what happened prior to this scene.  One of the dogs was just in its dying few moments before it would be dead – I didn’t hear barking nor violent reaction from the other dog. And then the killing continued with the other dog that went on its knees as if pleading for its life. I remember seeing something similar in real life where I saw a young goat kneeling and behaving as if it’s pleading for mercy but then it still got slaughtered and later on cooked for a grand meal – this is traditional among people who live together for some time up there. This experience happened once when my late Father and myself visited our relatives somewhere in San Emilio, Ilocos Sur in the Philippines. It seemed so savage but we proceeded to actually eat and have the meal among ourselves and others in our clan who showed up for the occasion that was all unannounced because my Father and I just thought of visiting our relatives up north from Metro Manila one New Year’s Day many years ago. And I remember tasting the freshly stewed meat from the very young goat.

And back to my dream, the dog’s head was shattered in an instant by the weapon that was used to exterminate its life. I remember seeing something like a long shotgun but I’m sure it’s not something I’ve seen somewhere else. I’m not sure if I was shocked at seeing these proceedings but I was shocked at remembering the dreams after I woke up for the day.

Other people in the dream were not behaving as usual; it’s as if their emotions are being withheld. I felt like being in a European country that I think I’ve seen in one of those pre-World War I black-and-white movies. And it’s somewhere in the snow-capped mountains but it’s summer! Well…thankfully, I woke up soon.


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