My Late Father Instructing Us to Brush Our Teeth

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There were other dreams the past months when my late Father appeared and played roles. In a dream I had last night, I saw him again with us and my brothers including Jonathan, Angelito Jr, Joseph, and Jason. I didn’t remember seeing Jeffrey nor our sister Lea. It was like a scene when we were still growing up. It could have  been in our house somewhere in Sibuyan Street in Sta. Mesa Heights in Quezon City, Philippines.  We had grown up faces but our bodies were still those of young children. The rooms were warm and well lighted; it was probably one of those lazy summer evenings back in a tropical country. Our Mother who’s a nurse, was not around—actually, we grew up practically without her as she would be working abroad to earn for the family. My late Father would be the ‘house-husband’ and he had his own small businesses. In this dream, we were preparing to go to bed for the evening though it wasn’t that late yet. Then our late Father gave us instructions to brush our teeth before going to bed, which we did with such sincere flourish and in complete ritual-like actions.

Then I saw my friend Bob (Coscoluella) in the room as if he was part of the family. I heard laughs in the same room; it’s as if we were playing around while doing our ritual on tooth-brushing before going to bed. Then I heard the boom of a big ship—apparently it’s one or two of the ships that were probably moving in or out of the deep harbor here in New York City. I happened to live in Staten Island, which has a neighborhood called Stapleton and we’re a few blocks away from the ferry terminal. In the evening or on certain hours of the day, we would hear the boom sounds coming from the ships passing by our place.

Then I knew with the sound of the ship/s, I’m already up and awake. I wonder in my heart what that dream meant.


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