Cebu Appearing In A Recent Dream

Skyline of Cebu City

Image via Wikipedia

I just wonder why Cebu has recently appeared in one of my memorable dreams, i.e. I remember seeing Cebu in one of my dream. I recall seeing and being flown into attractions of Cebu and parts of its outlying expansive metropolitan areas. I remember feeling happy and relieved but I kept wondering. I remember the particular fragrance of its well-known ‘tabuan’ or the marketplace. I remember the humidity plus the awesome beaches. In any case, I’ve written about Cebu, having been to this major travel destination in the southern part of the Philippine archipelago in Asia at least 20 times before I moved here in the USA. Here’s the article for your perusal: Travel destinations: Cebu, Philippines. And in case you’re planning to include Cebu in your up and coming travels, please feel free to refer to it to help you make up a strong decision.


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