Dreaming That Recreates a Possible Murder Scene

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It must have been the grief I’ve been experiencing on the death of a very good friend who was murdered. This death left a lot of questions in my mind, and I must have been imagining a lot of possibilities lately. People who knew him, too, were also offering possibilities of what could have had happened. One friend had to pause for some time while I was talking to her, when I asked about how our friend looked like when she saw him lying dead on the floor of his house where he was murdered. She stopped after giving me some minor details, but they were enough to set my mind into imagining what probably took place when our common friend was being murdered.

I had a dream on this recently. I saw in my dream how he was attacked using an ice pick on his neck, which could have mortally wounded him. He even decided to fight back that caused him to get wounded on his hands, as well as other parts of his body. It looked so real, as if my friend was trying to relate to me how he died. He must have been shouting for help but nobody among his neighbors could hear his shouts because the apartment was close and audio from the TV was up so loud. I was soon awakened at this point, at such an early time where I noticed how the rains were raging and the wind was heavily blowing against our place. Maybe my good friend will share more details in my others dreams that will take place some other time. Who really knows what took place? Of course, it’s the murderer, who could have been with someone or more. I can only wish and hope I’ll get to know who his murderers are, and perhaps, do something more concrete to help bring justice to his death.


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