Seeing A Murdered Friend’s Apartment In Her Dream

Murders (per capita) (1998 - 2000) by country ...

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My friend Ella and I have a common very dear, good friend who just passed away. He was murdered by person/s whom we believe he knew personally. He even allowed them to his house that night—-he was discovered dead lunch time the next day when his relatives had to check on him as he was not answering their calls nor returning their text messages (which was unusual). Robbery also took place in the crime scene. Ella and I were discussing and processing possibilities earlier about our friend’s gruesome murder. Then she remembers having a dream on that evening when the murder took place. She saw herself in a strange apartment, which she could not recognize at once. It was during our talk when she remembers she has been to that apartment. That apartment turned out to be our friend’s where the murder took place.


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