My Late Father, Again, In a Latest Dream

S.Romuald's dream

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Before I go to bed tonight, I thought I might as well write down what I still recall about my latest dream where I saw again my late Father.  It happened at least 3 nights ago. I recall seeing my Father being younger, by at least 20 years. No, he did not appear anything like a ghost in the sense that he was younger than what I recall of him when he died in his 60s.  I saw a baby, a live one, that soon died, because its head was cut off – for what reason? I couldn’t recall anymore. The baby laid lifeless soon, in a few scenes towards the end of my dream. My Father was around – I think he was even holding the baby, while in bed. Then nothing much about the dream I can recall now.

But I remember waking up having a feeling that I could right away jot down the details of the dream. And yet, I had to do other pressing things in the morning.

Maybe next time I dream again of my Father, I’ll have to write down keywords. I look forward to seeing my Father again in my dreams – it’s the only way I could connect with him where he’s actually alive.


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