Do Babies Dream While Still In The Womb?

Hmmm, let me say “they do!” But I can not fully attest to the truthfulness of this reply, as I can’t remember (to-date) any of my dreams when I was still in my mother‘s womb. But I know a writer who has does. He even wrote about it in one of his articles in

The article “Why Do We Dream” is among the other 20 articles found within the same article – which has made me think about more deeply about my memories of my dreams, including those I’ve had way way back when I was still in my mother’s womb. If you have your memories of such, it will be delightful to hear of them – please feel free to share them here.

Here are excerpts for the article by Steve Marshall

Does a baby dream while still in the womb, is an interesting question indeed. When do we actually begin our dream life?

I will say here, that I think, that babies do dream, even while still in the womb.

For me personally, I have remembered a dream or two from when I was in the womb. It is unusual to recall this type of memory, but sometimes they are sort of extracted out of us by an experience such as in rebirthing. Rebirthing, is a new age breathing technique, that reconnects us to our birth experience, helping us to resolve any issues that were created for us, way back even at that early time and beginning of our life, this time around.

For example, I remembered that as a baby in the womb of my mother, my mother was dreaming of eating certain foods, especially milk, and so I also dreamed about milk, while still in her womb. This is because the baby can catch the play of it’s mothers dreaming like this, because it is still connected to her psyche. This might sound amazing and controversial, but believe me it is true.

Meanwhile, please feel free to read the rest of the article in this link.


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