I Dreamt of My Cousin Grazs Last Night

I’ve written about this dream in  my journal this morning, and it’s only now when it’s already evening again that I started writing this down here as a posting in this blog. Nothing much to say, except that I’ve rarely had my first cousin Grazs (I thought she spelled her name “Grace” but apparently, she’s following a different one—perhaps to make her more unique) in my dreams. She’s now a professional in the health care field (I know she’s not a nurse for sure).

In my dream, she appeared tiny, and her smaller, younger self, perhaps when I knew her at least 15 years ago. But we instantly recognized each other in my dream, as if she decided to show up here in New York City, somewhere in Queens borough. I was with another group, and looking like we were busily preparing activities for a special event, when all of a sudden, Grazs showed up with another friend, un-intrusively but definitely was able to catch my attention. I felt so happy, as I’ve not seen any other relative here in NYC for sometime now (though I have contacts with them from time to time). As to why she appeared, I really don’t know why. It’s been like 5 years now since I last saw her, most probably during the wake of my late Father.

For whatever the meaning could be, I pray and hope it’s all for good. I have an idea how this story may feel if I shared this with Grazs—–I heard a similar story from a former officemate who excitedly told me online that she dreamt of me  the previous night. I felt odd, but at the same, happy. I just prayed silently, hoping that it would be for the best.


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