My Friend’s Recent Dream with Him Smoking Pot Again!

I don’t know how to give meaning to my friend’s most recent dream, which I heard from him during our most recent meet-up. He just got himself employed again, after having been away for 20 months (after a lay-off from his previous employer, a big bank based in Downtown Manhattan). My recollection of the talk goes along this way (with some relishings I freely added):

“I had the most strange dreams ever. I remember seeing myself smoking pot again!”

“Huh?” as I got myself getting curious for more details. I knew he used to smoke pot a lot, based on what he told me in our many previous chats over coffee and our long walks all over the city.

“Yes, you heard me!,” as he seeps on his iced coffee. He also treated me a cup from a Starbuck’s somewhere close to J&R Store in downtown Manhattan, just across the park in City Hall.

“How did it go about? Do you still remember other details? Tell me more; I’ll blog on it!”

“I couldn’t recall much. I remember someone picked me up in his car from a party, and we went on a detour. We went to several parties that night. We ended up smoking pot again!”

“When was the last time you smoked pot?”

“January 1988, the date I can’t recall now. I know I have not smoked pot that long; that guy (referring to a goodlooking, young fellow, an Asian, who’s seated at a table close to ours) must have not been born yet. But I remember not getting high.”

I told myself, the dream must have been prompted by his being able to land a job again. What’s the point really, of this kind of dreams?


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