“A Little Dog Getting Killed” in My Dream Last Night

Over breakfast of coffee (my second cup for the day!), and french toast (which I prepared myself), I recalled hazy details of my dream just last night (a few hours ago, actually). There were other dreams I’ve had the past months that I’ve been away from this blogsite, and I never made the time to write them down here. A few of them were terribly scary, but I rather forget them now. In this particular dream that I work on remembering now, I got the (rare) luxury (nowadays) of valuable time plus the chance to sit comfortable and write down notes about the dream using my celfone while I was still in bed. Then a phone call came from someone abroad, which I took.

Back now to this dream, I remember seeing myself walking, and walking continuously. From the distance, I see the skyline of a huge city, with tall buildings, and it’s getting darker, and darker as every moment of the dream unfolded before my sleeping mind. I wasn’t exactly running from something scary; I remember I was actually working on trying to take my time doing my walk, just being by myself, and being happy and contented about it. Hazily, I recall hearing voices from some youths who were also milling around the area. It now looked like we’re on a hilly part of an average-height of a mountain. Tall, wild swaths of grass surround us. But we’re not being bothered by what’s happening. All the time, the whole dream gets darker and darker.  The youths are having fun, and looking like they’re enjoying themselves.

Then, I recall, a gunshot. A defined shot from a gun that was muted by the sound of the wind at that moment. I saw a little dog was whimpering. It was being killed, or must have been dying by that time. The youths laughed aloud. I turned around, and saw them from a distance. I got so surprised by such act of violence over a helpless little dog.

I woke up!

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