My Roommate’s Dream During His Usual Afternoon Nap

Over dinner, while my roommate’s doing “repair” on the sloppy joe we’re having tonight, he mentioned about this very weird dream he had on an afternoon nap. He mentioned about seeing dead people, people whom he had known in the past who are now dead. I saw a framed picture of one of those people he mentioned in our living room, which at one time, he described as a very dear friend who died after experiencing severe head aches that would not go away. The fellow looked so happy, as if he just came from the beach, as I noticed him in that picture. My roommate advised him to visit the doctor at once, as his friend was having pains for over 2 days—it could not just be mere hang over from having a few drinks than usual—it turned out to be a fatal visit to the hospital. He died of aneurysm, as it turned out, that would have him passing this world sooner than expected. My roommate actually would have wanted to bring him to the hospital but he could not because he was having his car repaired, so he gave him, instead, cab fare to bring himself to the hospital.

My roommate told me about other details of the dream, where he saw old familiar buildings, that turned into a new place where an ongoing party went about taking place in a matter of minutes. My roommate must have seen a whirlwind of events one after each other in his dream — he even mentioned about having a Christmas party.

I then tried to look more closely at him. I would not like to believe that this dream can be a foreboding sign of something unexpectedly bad to happen.

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