Seeing My Sister in My Dream Last Night

I saw my sister in my dream last night. She was arranging a house very meticulously, and working to make the whole place nice and presentable. She was busy putting in place all the details. I felt good at what I saw in how she transformed the house toward the end of the dream. It reminded me of good family memories. I knew there were other relatives who showed up in the dream, including my siblings, but I barely remember the details now.

Maybe I can venture to explain some meaning behind this dream using a book. Now as to the meaning of last night’s dream, I’ve checked from this book that I picked up lying somewhere here in the place I live a book by Lady Stearn Robinson & Tom Gorbett, “The Dreamer’s Dictionary.” From its pages, I checked on what could the figures that I saw in my dream could stand for. Briefly, the elements found in this most recent dream may mean something more positive. Seeing a house that’s turning out to be looking better because my sister was working to make it look good in my dream may signify “financial security.” Seeing my sister in that dream may also portend some kind of “emotional security.” Well, this dream looks like it’s a good thing for me, but we’re never sure. I was sure I felt good having that dream last night.

Now, let’s set some music to what I dreamt last night, though this YouTube vid’s – –  a bit off from what I saw in my dream.

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