“Exit” (A Day After Having Recurring Bad Dreams)

I saw this short vid from a posting on Facebook from one of my friends’ profile updates, and thought it might be of interest to me for some unclear reason then. Now, it’s definitely clear.

Are dreams really that bad or even impossible such that some would want to run away from them, and create a worst reality when they wake up?

I don’t really understand the video, but somehow it resonates to me (perhaps because I know one of the guys in the video). The story’s ludicrous  to say the least, but I enjoyed watching it – brings some intriguing thoughts to my playful mind. I’ve seen such type of drama in real life, including close friends. LOL I could only tell myself, “It could be worst, you know” – even to the couple in the video, until unexpectedly something untoward happened in the end.

It’s subdued histrionic play-acting that was unexpectedly delivered out in the end. I almost laughed. And I was baffled…was the whole video a dream sequence by itself? Or it could be something else? It’s perhaps an attempt to make fun about the stereotyped lifestyle of gay couples, including bi-racial ones. But of course, not so many people know about this lifestyle, and would even bother to know what’s the real score behind all these relationships. I don’t really want to continue voicing out what’s in my mind now. I’d just like to say the vid’s well made & certainly caught my attention even for a few minutes.

Please feel free to watch this video & share me what you think of it.

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