Seeing My Numerous Contact Lenses in a Dream Some Evenings Ago

I remember having seen a lot of my contact lenses in my dreams some evenings ago. I wonder why my contacts lenses have been featured prominently in my dreams. I can’t remember exactly the details, but I remember I saw myself in that dream having received a lot of contact lens sets from my eye doctor. She happens to live with her husband who’s also an eye doctor somewhere in Ocean Avenue in Brooklyn, NYC. They have a great practice, based in their house, and I remember seeing old, well-used equipment the 2 times that I’ve been to their clinic. She’s one of those optometrists who serve with government-owned hospitals catering mostly to people without much money to spare on their health care costs. It’s great also to know that she’s been in practice for over 40 years together with her husband. She even told me about her son who lives in Manhattan, and who’s also working to make a name for himself as a writer (just like myself, with all the blogsites that I keep and the online content writing I work on mostly these days, in addition to my part-time “better paid” gigs to help me lead a life more comfortably—whatever that means!).

I certainly would like to understand why these contacts have appeared in one of my dreams…..

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