Frodo’s 1st Dream Before They Went into the Old Forest

I thought I’d include this first dream description from J.R.R. Tolkien‘s THE LORD OF THE RINGS, found specifically in The Fellowship of the Ring,The Fellowship of the Ring (The Lord of the Rings, Part 1) a book I’m currently reading with very keen interest (after having seen at least twice all the current 3 movies). [See a preview on YouTube: Lord Of The Rings – Opening scene].

This dream is an interesting very brief preview on what would happen to Frodo and the Hobbits when they finally venture into the Old Forest as they are on their journey towards the completion of their life purpose (as what will be described in the book), as brought about by the Ring.

When at last he had got to bed, Frodo could not sleep for some time. His legs ached. He was glad that he was riding in the morning. Eventually he fell in to a vague dream, in which he seemed to be looking out of a high window over a dark sea of tangled trees. Down below among the roots there was a sound of creatures crawling and snuffling. He felt sure they would smell him out sooner or later.

Then he heard a noise in the distance. At first he thought it was a great wind coming over the leaves of the forest. Then he knew that it was not leaves, but the sound of the Sea far-off; a sound he had never heard in waking life, though it had often troubled his dreams. Suddenly he found he was out in the open. There were no trees after all. He was on a dark heath, and there was a strange salt smell in the air. Looking up he saw before him a tall white tower, standing alone on a high ridge. He started to struggle up the ridge towards the tower: but suddenly a light came in the sky, and there was a noise of thunder.

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