My Deceased Father in My Dream Again!

Last night, I remember having seen my Father in my dream. He was alive, and looked like he was still not stricken by the lung cancer that eventually brought him down as he was almost close to reaching age 65, and looking forward to receiving his SSS retirement pension. I was talking with him, and I asked him “Bakit namatay si Mama? (Why did Mom die?)” The question was odd, as my Mom’s still alive, and leading her life in retirement back in the Philippines. We actually haven’t talked in a long while. Then I remember seeing some images again, and recall having seen another brother. He’s Lito, the junior to our Father. My sibling in my dream looked much younger (unlike how he looks now in his YouTube videos singing his compositions), and much happier. Each one of us still living have our own set of challenges and hurdles to overcome. I don’t really have clear ideas what this dream means, but I can always find significance to it. Given my own set of hardships and difficulties in my life here in the US, I certainly wish and pray for the best of each one of them, as well as the rest of my family and relatives back in the Philippines..

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