Characters in My Dreams Lately

Last night, I remember having scenes where I saw my only sister dying.  Lea, who lives in Penang, Malaysia with her family, appears to have died in my dream. I don’t remember anymore the other details, but I certainly remember the idea about what happened to my sister in that dream. I didn’t feel scared upon waking up from the dream. I remember I heard the sound of the buses making their stops here in my new place to pick up their waiting passengers. The memory of the dream was etched in my mind. I said a little prayer for my sister; I know in God’s most loving way she and everyone among my loved ones are doing fine.

I also recall having seen my late Father in one recent dream. He was very much alive; this time he was teaching me how to fish. The lake, or what could have been a lake somewhere in an Oriental country, looked so lovingly blue, and green. We were certainly happy doing the teaching act. Just how I wish I could still see in flesh my late Father, but that may just happen soon if I go even before I get to know it. I just know God’s got great loving plans for me, as he shows me signs in these dreams.

Then, there was this dream where I heard myself talking in Tagalog (the main basis of the Philippine national language which is called “Filipino”). I remember I was bitching out, or most probably angry, just so mad about something unclear. That was just being myself, during moments that drive me crazy. But I try to work on keeping my cool. Some people I’ve worked with have expressed their amazement at how I’ve kept my cool during difficult, stressful moments. I explain that I’ve learned to be better in time; I still have my clammy hands that show signs that the stress I feel during difficult moments can become unbearable. But I still keep on going. I continue dreaming.

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