Seeing Mom Twice in a Row the Past Two Nights in My Dreams…

The past two nights, I’ve seen my Mom interacting with me. The last night, we were looking like fighting each other over some unclear reason. I was definitely angry over something that I fail to remember now, but I remember the anger I had in me. The previous night, I saw her talking with me in my dreams. We were having a conversation in a well lighted room. I can always give some meaning to these dreams, offhand. Maybe, I must go out of my way to contact her, as there may be some concerns. Or maybe, she’s remembering me as it’s soon my birthday again (the same natal day as that of one of my Aunts, who’s also the eldest sister of my Mom). Whatever maybe the significance of these dreams, I’m glad I still have ways of contacting her directly, as she’s still very much around and living by herself in another part of the world, the Philippines. I’ve observed that I’d be dreaming of my late Father whenever I feel he’s trying to send me a message (which I can’t not easily discern but may become more crystal clear in a few days without me pondering much on why he showed up in my dream). This situation may not be the same with my Mom, as we can still get in touch with each other easily thru a phone call, or a text message, or by email (or even thru one of my siblings who stay in touch with me).

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