A Dream Showing Some of Friends Doing Trips to the Great Outdoors 4/6

After viewing the 5 episodes of “MILK – The Movie” (which I thought was the “Milk” where Sean Penn recently won an Academy) by writer director, John Christian King, I got jolted into blogging here again on the dream I had last night. Firstly though, the movie was funny and outrageously witty with its presentation of a man slowly being deranged by his dream about a Milkman who’d be pestering him with milk deliveries daily considering that he’s disgusted with milk. The end just shows a suggestion that his fears could have been due to an unresolved misdemeanor he had when he was young with some other friends. They bowled down a cow that was happily grazing in the fields, just for the heck of it….the movie’s suggestive of a lot of dream sequences to share its story.

To segue then to my dream last night, I remember some bits of details. But this dream brought smiles on my face. My dream last night involved seeing my friends who were with me in many outdoor trips, mostly mountaineering and hiking in the mountains of the Philippines. I remember the gleefulness of our faces, our youthfulness, our wonderful state of health. We exchanged so many jokes with each other. I remember seeing Mayette, Ilyang, Weng, Badette, Froilan, Meng, among a host of faces. They know who they are if in case they read this posting. We simply could not care less of other concerns in life.  I may just be in for another outdoor trip soon. That was certainly a joyous phase in my life!

The next time I opened my Facebook account, I saw a reply from a former buddy in several mountaineering trips.  He responded to my comment to his status that describes him “eating green mangoes with bagoong (anchovy-like sauce, usually brown in color, great for green salads, vegetable-based dishes, mainly used in Northern Philippines, though there are versions anywhere in the country). He responded by reminding me about the “smelly” aroma of bagoong as his son would cover his nose to sniff out the smell while watching him eat green mangoes. Well, such serendipitious events getting connected with one another. Dreams presage really what’s in one’s mind…

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