Recent Dreams Featuring the Grandfather of a Co-Worker I Have Never Met

I try with so much difficulties remembering details of my dreams lately.  But much as I try, the more I fail to even describe what I dreamt during these past nights. One recent dream involved the grandfather of a someone I work with.  This co-worker and I would usually have fine, honest talks on our way to transitioning between our shifts at our part-time job. I like the way she’d go out of her way to express her concern for my problems, although I have not shared much details. She even brought some stuff to help me manage my pimples; such a kindhearted soul. She also reminded me my status would not remain as it is “forever” as she’s talking from her own experiences. I’ve felt supported genuinely, and if only she knew how much I appreciate those remarks.

I dreamt about this co-worker’s grandfather, for some unclear reason. We talked about common things about selves. The fellow had a very helpful presence in my dream. He was being introduced to me by my co-worker for some unclear reason. After the dream, I woke up, and I had a feeling, I’ll be getting a shower of blessings from the person I pointed out here. I expect to receive these blessings anytime now.

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  1. I have a feeling you will too:)

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